S3 officially started from 23 Oct 2019 in Ahmedabad.
If you wish to join S3 as a member, you can email at You can also join the FB page of Sarva Samaj Seva.
You can join S3 and start working as its member or you can always go for donations. For further details, please contact GK Shrivastava ( Chairman)
• Our office is located in Ahmedabad.
The aim of this organisation is to help as many as possible in whatever ways required. We come forward to help those in need with utter passion and love. This organisation is built for the sole purpose of helping the needy.
Please contact GK Shrivastava (Chairman) or email at
Currently, 11 States in India and total 5 countries including India are a part of this organisation.
Everyone is welcome to join S3 who wishes to help people in need. You will have to contact the chairman directly and email at
• GK Shrivastava ( social activist)

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