Sarva Samaj Seva is the name of a social group whose foundation base is to strengthen our country.
Our slogan is ” MAI BHI EK SEVADAR”
Being a Sevadar we all can dedicate ourselves to our country under which we have decided to do our services in interest of:-
* Unite our societies as one in the interest of our country.
No Religion, no castism, no colors, no difference, no creed. Total idea is to respect equally, each n every one in the SOCIETY

* Offer our assistance to govts administration in all calamities such as earthquake, flood, etc, and in maintaing social peace, healthcare, education, poverty, etc, as per the appeal of govt body as well as administration.

* To play an important role to assist needy people for their employment.

* To educate weaker section of the societies as & when get opportunity.

* Help orphans, lonely and old-aged people who approach us.

* Install water station and shades on the highway for relaxation for the needy people in prick summer season.

* Adopt ” who has no one” in their life & bear their expenses as per guidelines.

* To strengthen our society, organise meetings, conferences, debates as well as get togethers of all religions as and when required for peace & harmony.

* To work for Humanity globally so that people play their roles to save Humanity on the earth.

* Care of animals, birds so that they can survive with us.

Recently we are driving our 1st mission “WARRIORS ON MISSION C-19” for those who have lost their precious life due to coronavirus, who died due to lack of food & water, who were victimized by police administration during corona & passed away.
We Warriors giving SOULFUL TRIBUTE on 25th July 2020 at 7PM.
We started from india but today it has spread worldwide in 13 countries & 55 cities of india.
So you all are requested to come together to make it a grand success and make this noble cause a historic event.
We look forward for your kind support that you all always extend to us.
With regards
G k Srivastava
राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष                                       
Sarva Samaj Seva (S3)


List of Core Comittee Members for Nationwide:

S.No Name of Prominent (Members) Mobile No. City

1 G.K Shrivastava 9875549335 Ahmedabad
2 Jaya Kumar 9434267890 Portblair
3 Kavita Bhatnagar 9821419739 Mumbai
4 Advocate Paresh Shah 9879200522 Ahmedabad
5 Rastravadi Sneha Kiran 8409855560
6 Sudhanshu Shankar  9721665533 Lucknow
7 Shri Prakash 9990226458 New Delhi
8 Manish Prajapati 9879861327 Ahmedabad
9 Varsha Tiwari 9937247777 Bhubaneswar
10  Vishwas Bhatnagar 8005868146 Udaiyur
11 Ajita Singh 9999086101 New Delhi
12 Manorama Mano 8319509187 Raipur
13 Neeta Mittal 9978906565 Ahmedabad
14 Vijay Varma  9958699302 New Delhi
15 Dr. Surjit Singh Dhillon 9899456939 New Delhi
16 Ujjawal Kumar 9598464635 allahabad 
17 Deepti Verma 9810634354 New Delhi
18 YVS Chouhan 9634971896 Agra
19 Manish Jain 9829039356 Kota
20 Journalist Amrita 6290562700 Kolkata 
21 Anil Tiwari politician 9425160679 katni
22 Smeer Vasdev 9687650484 Ahmedabad
23 Deepak Baahl 9830047263 Kolkata 
24 Advocate Archana Srivastava 8085856964 Bhopal
25 Devendra Shastri 9824507494 Ahmedabad
26 Rekha Jhangiani Vohra 9818425667 New Delhi
27 Baba Balyogi 9761858553 Agra
28 Vivek Raizada 8171020007 Agra
29 Rakesh Sahay 9843134420 Coimbatore
30 Chef Utpal Mondal 9831490979 Kolkata 
31 Neeta Goyal 9687941460 Ahmedabad
32 OMS Tangal 9933266810 Portblair
33 Sandeep Saksena 9998966211 Ahmedabad
34 Venkatadri 9113233918 Bangalore
35 Advocate Arvind Titler 6396517315 Agra
36 Ajay Kala 9982647101 Kishangarh
37 Rajnish saxena 8869848653 Barali
38 Nagesh Rao 7680883406 Nellore
39 Sumi 6366324304 Bangalore
40 Advocate Praveen shankar Dayal 6777901930 Rachi

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